Welcome to Ryūtōkai’s homepage.

Ryūtōkai was founded in 2008 to promote Japanese martial art tradition and culture in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. Ryūtōkai is a member of the Finnish Kendo Association. In the name ryū stands for grain (jyvä), tō for sword and kai for association. Suiō ryū Iai Kenpō and Kendō are practised at Ryūtōkai.

Training in Ryūtōkai is conducted at the Suiō ryū Iai Kenpō Ōko dōjō (水鷗流居合剣法鷗湖道場), named by our teacher Katsuse Yoshimitsu Kagehiro (15th sōke of Suiō ryū Iai Kenpō, 12th sōke of Masaki ryū Kusarigamajutsu Fukuhara ha, Iaidō kyōshi 7th dan, Kendō kyōshi 7th dan, Jōdō renshi 6th dan). Instruction at the Ōko dōjō is given in the same manner and spirit as that given at the Hekiunkan, the Suiō ryū Honbu dōjō.

Basic courses in Kendō are organised two times a year usually in February and September, in co-operation with the University Sports of the University of Jyväskylä. Having a positive attitude is enough to start training at Ryūtōkai – no previous experience, equipment or skills are needed.

For additional information please contact us by email.
ryutokai [at] ryutokai.fi

For more information about the Suiō ryū Iai Kenpō in Jyväskylä and Finland, please visit the Shibu’s website.